Kid Club

The Wood Dale Park District, in conjunction with School District #7, has developed the Kid Club program to support and assist families needing full-day care for their children during, between, and after the times designated for remote-learning.

The program is scheduled to start on the first day of school, Wednesday, Aug. 26, and is designed for students in grades K – 5 attending Oakbrook and/or Westview schools.

The program will be offered Monday-Friday (5-day option only) with the following care options to select from:

Morning Care

7:00 – 8:15am - $99/month

Day Care*

8:15 am – 3:15 pm - $287/month

After Care

3:15 – 6:00 pm - $113/month




To register, please call 630-595-9333 or email Dan, the program supervisor, at

General Information

1.   When in our care, each child will have their home base at the Recreation Complex and will be responsible for putting their belongings in that space.  This space will include a table. 

2.  Sign-in, eating, homework, quiet time, and Sign-out will be done at this space. 

3.  Face masks/coverings will be required at all times when inside the Recreation Complex except when eating. When social distancing isn't possible, they will be required outside as well.

4.  Social distancing will be enforced at all times.   

5.   Individual bathroom stalls will be designated for groups, so a child is only using one stall each time they are in care to minimize exposure to others.

6.   Children will be asked to bring their charged electronic device, extension cord, an afternoon snack, a backup facemask/covering, and a water bottle labeled with their name.

7.   At times, the children may go outside, so appropriate outerwear and sunscreen are encouraged. 

8.   Sign-in and Sign-out will be done outside the main entrance.  Parents will not be allowed in the building, except for emergency situations with prior approval.